Thursday, 2 January 2020

Why Purdy's is necessary

You may have noticed that I complain a lot about my relationships with anything techy.  For example, the lovely-looking Chromebook, which when we were considering to buy it was complimented by everyone with whom we discussed it, has actually taken over the process in which it will work.  And that has no connection to the way it lets Dave use it or any one else.  As I type, it decides I'm on the wrong page and leaves the one I'm on, without my request, and opens up Facebook or something I've never seen before in the 20 or so years I've been online.

I respond in several different ways, most of them falling in the "emotional" kind of thing which ranges from deep breath to nasty not-for-kids yelling while I walk away to another part of the condo.  (I just had to move words that I'd typed in a
reasonable way which the laptop decided to do this with it) and then it just laughed at me and moved those words 3 blank lines away from where I typed them. I moved them back.  So there!

I need to be able to be online, so I'll continue to work this out

But seriously...I did nothing to get from "out" to this place.  The Chromebook did it.

Actually, I intended to talk about the ways I am trying to just accept what happens between me and laptops and phones and Kindle.  I'm a retired person and if it takes me 3 times more as anyone else to write a post, I'll live with that, rather than act like a whiny kid.  However, after I got part way through the last sentence, Chromebook sent me to my Inbox.

All this to say that I have the box of Purdy Chocolates that my son sent for Christmas within arm's reach, and that I added a small fountain to my desk, and the sound is lovely and serene, which is what I'd like to attain for myself. Techy be damned.


  1. I have a chrome dome but no chromebook.

  2. My Scott has similar problems with one of his tablets and finds it frustrating as hell. Who wouldn't? - Kate