Sunday, 21 May 2017

Being in France is Wonderful, and

there are a few things that we'll fondly remember as having been not so perfect.

  • the airport in Paris had us walking about as far as it would have taken to walk to the Champs Élysées, had we wanted to do that
  • we couldn't find a Timmie's at the airport but we've been amazed to see how many McDo's there are across the part of the country we've been in
  • we found that we were wrongly pronouncing the name of the city we were in.  Apt is pronounced Aupt not Apt
  • not liking a grubby Nissan rental car should not necessarily have led us to rent a BMW, but my it's a lovely, spoil-us-forever vehicle
  • I have a previously not-recognized fear of curvy winding mountain roads which are about as wide as a tourbus
  • We both fell in love with Nice, even though the room we were in had a seriously leaking shower and the make-it-yourself breakfast left a lot to desire  (but there were chocolate-filled croissants)
  • Fourteen years after working in both official languages, I find I don't really have a good hold on either of them
  • Annecy, where we are now, is a bit colder than I thought---duh, it's in the Alps
  • I brought five pairs of pants and have been wearing the same ones for a week, with washing in there somewhere because I unfortunately can't fit in some of the ones I brought---two pairs of jeans that were just dandy at home.
  • It's really hard to choose among the cheeses.
  • We only arranged for 10 days in Annecy where we have this lovely corner flat with a curve-around balcony
Enough whining.  Hope you're all having a wonderful long weekend.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Dave & Lorna, France 2017---Part three.

1. The Luberon - a beautiful region of Provence: rolling hills, green valleys, hilltop villages with cobblestone streets, ceramic roof tiles, and prominent church steeples.

2. The streets are narrow.

 3. Biking is dangerous.

4.  Too many Kodak moments? - Try cloning.

5. Gotta give it to the French - they know how to protest.

 6. And where . . .

 7. to build your house . . .

 8. or your church.

 9. Walk this way, very slowly.

10. Moustiers-Sainte-Marie . . .

11. beautiful name . . .

12. beautiful village.

 13. A gentle message at the Church entrance:

 14. The "Très Sainte Vierge" looks down on the people of Moustier,

15. while in Flanders Fields, and here in the Luberon . . .

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Lorna and Dave, Europe 2017, Part Two: Not far from Apt

Today one of the things we did was to attack another set of mountains, with swirly narrow roads and breathtaking views, to get to a small village called Bonnieux. It was beautiful, gray and stony and serviced with streets that didn't allow much safety to the no-sidewalk visitors. Early on our walk, we found a sweet little shop called Aux Doigts de Fée ( Fairy's Fingers) that we thought we'd look in on for a minute and were greeted by the Fée herself.
She was ageless, white hair in a long braid down her back, dressed in her own hand-knitted garments and surrounded by the most beautiful sweaters, shawls, jackets, children's toys and clothes, all hand-made during her 7 am to midnight work schedule. The work she loves means she isn't on the internet though, so we can't link you there.
Each sweater was different because she doesn't like to be bored, and because she has the most amazing eye for choosing multi-textured, multi-coloured, beautifully finished garments. Some of her sweaters had two wonderfully different sleeves, different in colour, or texture or shape and obviously suitable for the most elegant affair, or the most cosy. None of the garments were in a price range that didn't leave us gasping, at the same time as we knew that they were priced exactly as should be.
In spite of her realizing we were not likely to spend 500 Euros on a sweater, she showed us all her favourites, answered all our questions and seemed as pleased with us as we were with her.

It was, like some of the drives we've taken, a once-only event.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Lorna and Dave, Europe 2017, Part One: Paris to Apt

 1. When in Europe . . . drive well

 2. Sleep well

 3. And eat well.

 4. Use clean, safe ??? power

 5. Driver's eyes on the road

 6. Lorna's eyes on the sites

 7. Little house on the prair ... mountain

 8. The long and narrow road

 9. Old blue eyes

 10. Shine your little light on me

 11. And don't let me be . . . slip sliding away

 12. Pas le pont d'Avignon

 13. Tunnel of love

 14. We went down, down, down

15. How Apt: couldn't wait to go shopping

 16. Didn't take long to cave

17. Look who's taking a selfie now!

18. Honest, I was just filming the doorknob.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Random, random thoughts

Today, April 6th,  but a year ago, I posted about how I was finding it difficult to write blogs, even though posting them makes me feel very satisfied with myself.

Not much has changed in that situation.  I looked back on some of my old posts and had a few moments of "Yes, I can be funny!", which surprised me because I thought I blogged to find out what I was thinking about.

I should have blogged about how I ordered the ugliest possible dress online and by mistake sent it out with our Sally Ann donations so now I have an unused huge padded envelope ; or how Dave cleaned the screens and the top of the dryer but clean and effective as it should have been, it no longer works at all.  Or maybe how I jumped, while sloping through every aisle at Shoppers Drug Mart, to buy a purple hair colour for my granddaughter Robyn and only noticed later that it had cost me $15.00, and that Oooops, I'd forgotten to ask Emily how she might feel about that. (She's fine.  She's the one who wanted to dye her hair black when she was two).

We're going to take an extensive holiday, mostly in France, and then on through Spain and Portugal to arrive at a beach.  There might be a few things to write about then.  I wonder if Dave would buy me a new tablet?


Thursday, 23 March 2017

About change...

Here I am, in the middle of the night, sitting at my desk when I'd rather be sleeping.  For one thing, the apartment is cold, as it should be in the middle of the night but I just cheerfully sent my winter clothes to the locker, so my cotton robe is somewhat inadequate.

April almost!  I am looking forward to the warmer weather but I can't find any of my summer shoes.  Why do I have so many pairs of boots?  Why couldn't I find those same boots when it started getting cold in October?  Who took my summer slippers, and actually, who needs summer slippers?  What happened to bare feet in the house?

Who thinks I'm overreacting?

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Life is Weird

And yes, crocheted one of these
 and wore it once
When I was in my early 60's, I started to notice that my fingers were sort of bumpy and slightly less dexterous.  That corresponded with my inability to crochet a straight line, and to apply mascara only to my lashes.  I took it well, I thought.  After all, I was getting older, and it was only to be expected that I would be affected by arthritis.  I say "affected" because I certainly didn't suffer.

A few years later, my wrists became very boney and developed a little mound---OK, helped to keep my bracelets in place.

Thursday, I woke up with a strange sharp pain in my right ear, and Yikes, it really hurt, so I called my doctor expecting to get antibiotics for an infection.  He asked me to "open wide" and we could both hear a click.  So now, I have arthritis in my jaw and the recommendation is to get used to it.

I have never, ever, heard a complaint from anyone about an arthritic jaw.  I'm not sure I've ever heard those words in the same sentence. I am not expecting this to be a hardship, and I know how lucky I have been in terms of my health, but sometimes Life is weird.