Sunday, 16 September 2018

What I mean by "Still in Wonderland"

We've been in our condo apartment for 10 years now, and we continue to feel incredibly lucky to be here.  While the building itself is not beautiful, we are located in a wonderful area. Because the site belongs to the National Capital Commission, the land must be 40% green, and it gives us a stream on one side of the building, the National Firefighters' Memorial with its beautiful walls and peaceful garden on another side, and a charming indigenous-themed park on another.  Our apartment is on the ground floor and we have a nice little patio where I often sit with a book and a glass of  wine.

Last month I was talking to a friend who wondered if we felt safe, being on the ground floor and I hastened to say that I had never given any thought to our safety and really enjoyed the freedom that it gives me.

This morning, while I was sitting in the living room with my coffee and a book, someone knocked on our patio door, someone I didn't know and whose pajama pants and bare chest made me think he might have been someone from our building whom I ought to have recognized. I went to the door and realized as soon as he started talking to me that I was wrong about that. Long story short, we gave him coffee and toast and David sat outside talking with him while I called the City to get advice on what our next steps should be, since he didn't appear to want to leave. Two very gentle policemen strolled over from the street, had a little chat with him and walked him over to their car.

Wonderland it still is.

Sunday, 2 September 2018

I can't help it; the music made me do it

"Hamilton" is an American Musical, a sung- and -rapped-through musical about the life of the American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton.

About a year ago, after hearing my older grandchildren were totally taken by the musical, I bought two DVDs of it, one for them and one for me. Like them, I played it constantly, although for me, it was just for a day and I really, really liked it.  I know very little about American history, and as many of us have, I've figured that if I need to know anything about anything, Google is there. The music surprised me by being catchy and funny, and suddenly made politicians a little more human than I'd allowed them to be in my head.

After my time on Facebook today, I think we need a new musical...let's call it "Ford" and just go bezack.
I do not have authority to use this photo but I can't believe he cares.