Monday, 27 November 2017

Oh, just another list...

Questions that come up to retirees in the 75plus sector of humanity:

  • Is it to be considered waste to take time to put on make-up and earrings even if  I know I'm not leaving the house?
  • Should I continue to crunch all my library books in a bag because most of them were found in the Adolescence section?
  • Do I really deserve the amount of wine and chocolate I provide for myself?
  • Is it actually a law that I can no longer wear high heels?
  • Is it wrong to hope that the bus driver is going to ask for proof on seniors-free day?
  • Should I give away my sparkly nail polish?
  • How much time should I spend playing Old Maid with Maddy on the floor?
  • Should I wear dark glasses while I'm picking over the clothes at Forever 21?
  • Is it really repugnant to others that Dave and I kiss goodbye at the airport?
  • Is this tattoo really considered to be edgy or brave, as I've been told on many occasions?

Actually, I find myself pissed off that many of these questions are not my own.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Have I lost it?

Does anybody but me watch "The Orville"?

I am a serious Star Trek follower, even though I have some issues with two of the series, so falling in love with "The Orville" is counter to all my former faithful fanship, and in total disagreement with every TV critic. I don't quite understand this, I don't intend to beat myself up and I don't imagine I'll be in a large crowd of other fans. Having said that, some of the things I love:

This guy

  • The ship itself---it doesn't look like it could roll down a hill, let alone zoom through space
  • Every character in Orville is recognizable as a slightly-aberrant Star Trek character
  • Each actor is just that slightly pulling your leg
  • Episodes are either unwatchable or so watchable that you want to watch twice.
  • Seth MacFarlane is so earnest, and he waits for the laugh with an expression that makes you know he's going to hang in until you do laugh

  • the crew is so diverse
  • Rob Lowe, a visitor with a problem
  • the doctor character actually made love with the sponge character in one episode, and it was arousing
I'm actually kind of pleased with myself, and with "The Orville" now that I've reread this.