Friday, 1 September 2017

The World Has It In for You

Some things I discovered while waiting for 9 a.m., when I would check the temperature before I got dressed.  I continue to learn about coping with this tricky world.

  • always check the laundry if, when you shove all the sheets in the washer, your phone bravely makes a bonking noise
  • if you're going to wash your hair while you're in the bath, don't bring a book and wear your glasses
  • after 3 days of the same mistake, I'm promising not to make coffee and leave it in the kitchen while I read a book in the bedroom or in the tub
  • try to figure out how you're going to tell your daughters that the bathtub that you scrubbed with a new gadget (and boasted about its absolute whiteness) is looking sort of yellow this morning.  And no, it's not the sun as we have no windows in that part of the house.  And yes, I rescind my recommendation to buy that device. 
  • there's nothing worse than answering the door to the mailman while you've hastily put your bathrobe on inside-out
  • well, one thing that might be worse than that is to leave your tv remote on the bed before you run your bath...there's definitely a clunk in the washer