Friday, 21 July 2017

Nice to be retired

The other day, I was strolling around a Dollar-ish store and noticed a bin with slippers in it.  I'd been without summer slippers for a while and got closer to see what was there.  "OOOOOOH," I said (I hope it was to myself)  "I've been looking for just this kind of slipper, and they're 2 pairs in a package for $10!"

Bought them, got home and bent down to put the new gray fabric slippers in the place I thought looked appropriate for slippers. There, lying quietly on the floor of my cupboard was a package of 2 pairs of gray fabric slippers.

I beat myself up for a bit but decided that it wasn't such an awful thing and I'd just start wearing them the next day.

They wouldn't stay on my feet.  I'm thinking of making two big fabric dolls on whose four feet I could glue four gray fabric slippers.