Thursday, 6 April 2017

Random, random thoughts

Today, April 6th,  but a year ago, I posted about how I was finding it difficult to write blogs, even though posting them makes me feel very satisfied with myself.

Not much has changed in that situation.  I looked back on some of my old posts and had a few moments of "Yes, I can be funny!", which surprised me because I thought I blogged to find out what I was thinking about.

I should have blogged about how I ordered the ugliest possible dress online and by mistake sent it out with our Sally Ann donations so now I have an unused huge padded envelope ; or how Dave cleaned the screens and the top of the dryer but clean and effective as it should have been, it no longer works at all.  Or maybe how I jumped, while sloping through every aisle at Shoppers Drug Mart, to buy a purple hair colour for my granddaughter Robyn and only noticed later that it had cost me $15.00, and that Oooops, I'd forgotten to ask Emily how she might feel about that. (She's fine.  She's the one who wanted to dye her hair black when she was two).

We're going to take an extensive holiday, mostly in France, and then on through Spain and Portugal to arrive at a beach.  There might be a few things to write about then.  I wonder if Dave would buy me a new tablet?