Friday, 26 February 2016

On Second Thought....

Today is the day I am doing all the things "they" tell you not to do.  I read about the signs of pancreatic cancer, I skipped to the end of a crappy book with a decent story, I noticed that I only have one follower on my blog, I (mistakenly) turned off my computer while a big sign flashed at me telling me "Do Not Turn Off Your Computer", I counted calories, I looked at my nose with a magnifier, I tried to bite off the loose skin on my lip and I actually listened to myself mumbling about how I have to stop pitying those poor old folks who die at 67.

I seriously think I need to nap until tomorrow and start fresh.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Love lives on

For Valentine's Day, I failed to make a terrarium I had intended to put together for Dave...I couldn't find the plants I needed, and I didn't really put on a big search as after I'd decided what to do, I couldn't imagine where we could put a terrarium that wouldn't be somewhere kids couldn't try putting stickers.  I know, that's really pathetic, and doesn't reflect at all the love I have for that man.  Nor does it really reflect well on my grandchildren.

Dave, on the other hand, produced an innovative and loving surprise for me.
The romantic setting for a catered dinner

Post-presentation of the glow bracelet with hearts

The annual Valentine's Day photo which does not show how pleased we are with each other

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Just in case

Today is the llth day of February, in the enlightened year of 2016 , and the enlightened location of a certified "green" building in the cold and snowy part of Canada and we're still never sure if we'll get hot, warm or cold water out of any of our taps.

I have tried to be understanding, but this is driving me to drink. And read.  And eat chocolate cookies I bought for Dave.  Soon it may drive me to nap in the daytime.  And possibly to shop online.

Ah, there.  I think I've covered all the bases.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

In which I ask for help

John Rayner asked me if I could recommend any new detective books, and I suddenly realized that I read to read, not to enjoy authors or to increase my horizons, but just to read.  I can't remember any amazing detective books that I know John would not have heard of, except possibly Rennie Airth's books.  His is not a new series, but his first, especially, stayed with me.

For John's sake, and for mine, please leave the names of books or authors you recommend, fully understanding that I will read with joy and then move on.

Friday, 5 February 2016

More musing from the bathtub

I believe I must be reading too many detective novels.  How did I arrive at that scary place?

Today, while I was in the tub, and working a pumice stone on my feet, I realized that were I a murder victim, and the only accessible part of my body was my feet, the SOCO team would come to the conclusion that I was a middle class Madam.

I think they would be persuaded by the cobalt blue polish on my toes, lazily and inadequately brushed over the Christmas gold sparkle.

I have no pictures.  And I've thoroughly scrubbed my toenails with a superstrong polish remover.

Let this, however, show how serious I am and how eager to be a victim identified as a granny with cautious nails.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

uncensored posts

Sometimes I look like this:

and there are other times when I look like this:

but that's mostly when I'm asleep.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Hop, Skip, Jump

Once upon a time, I had a workstation.  This was years ago, before I retired.  Now, although I sometimes lapse and say "workstation", I have a desk.

My desk is also my study:

My desk in my study is right beside my dining room:

My dining room is adjacent to my living room, and accessible from my kitchen:

As is my desk:

Can you still breathe?