Thursday, 27 February 2020

Hey, she's not in my face!!.

Some reasons why I've not been in your face lately:

  • First, and worst, I'm having trouble remembering words, real trouble, both when I'm talking and when I'm writing, although it's somewhat easier while writing because I can ask for help or use Google and anyone reading assumes it's just like me talking
  • Also, I have difficulty accepting this. And because no one else is part of the trouble, I only have myself to be pissed off with
  • I am a person, when faced with difficulty, to choose to either give something up or to take a deep breath and do my best---nothing in between
  • I've been doing the second of those things, but not succeeding as much as I'd expected
Some reasons why I'm going to make an effort to be in your face, but of course, in the rather "Gosh, nothing's changed" way, which means I have to be subtle:
  • First, and worst, I've already told you that I'm having trouble so I can't choose to pretend nothing is going on
  • Also, I've stepped back from seeing people as much as I used to, and even though I've always loved to be with people, I don't have the confidence I once felt. I'd like to change that
  • Dave has been so understanding and so thoughtful that I'm starting to believe I owe him so much more than I'll ever be able to make things even again
I don't have a "program" to follow, at least not yet, but I'm feeling that just writing this has been a step forward.  

Keep an eye out for me.


  1. I also lose my words and especially when talking. It is both aggravating and embarrassing

  2. I do too. Or I use the wrong word and my son Emil corrects me every damn time.
    I'll be reading every word, Lorna, so please do keep up the writing!
    - Kate

  3. Everything you owe me for my understanding is reciprocated by what I owe you for 40+ years of the best partnership one could ever hope for. If I've built up a stock of kindness and understanding, it has only happened because you made the journey not only easy but deeply satisfying, so instead of being burdened by stress for 40 years I was able to build up kindness and understanding. We've both been very lucky. Our complementary values and personalities mean have meant that we each give what we can and take what we need - there's no counting necessary to determine debt - the account is and will always be in balance. Love,

  4. Well, Dave, you've got to stop making me cry...not with fear or angry but with gratitude and acceptance. You're right. We are great partners

  5. Dave took SweetTalking 101 at university, didn't he. And 202 too, by the sounds of it.
    Nice one, Dave.

  6. This blog now has a pointer on the sidebar at so that when there are new posts they will show up there. So I hope you find those pesky missing words! Also, sorry it took me so long :-P