Monday, 18 May 2020

Things I Wish I Could Do Now (keeping in mind that, as seniors,  we're expected to stay home)

  • Spend a whole day, in my bedroom, by myself, and not feel it might hurt Dave
  • Pick up a book that I haven't already read
  • Stop thinking about bread instead of real food
  • Remember something that I used to be able to cook, and have a go at it
  • Stay in my nightclothes all day (just once, to see why so many people think it's the thing to do)
  • Stop worrying that the haircut I gave Dave is something he's just accepted
  • Watch every show from "Brooklyn99" in order
  • Get new furniture that isn't brown in the "living room" 
  •  Stop changing my fingernails' colour every 2nd day
  • Get some of the many things I've ordered online