Thursday, 21 February 2019

So here's how I'm feeling today

I'm feeling like an apprentice apprentice to the woman who cut my hair yesterday.  I asked her to give me a cut that was shaggy, and we agreed on a picture, the one on the left,  from a bunch of "best haircuts for older women" .  I felt quite comfortable with her; we talked about holidays and weather, and my new red boots.  Suddenly though, I realized that she had cut one of the sides very short, for which she looked as surprised as I did, apologized and told me she could make it work.

Once your hair is gone there isn't much point in getting all upset, and hair does grow back in, so I just waited till it was finished, paid up and headed for home with very much shorter, not shaggy but still thick hair.

I wasn't surprised last night to find myself in the bathroom with two pairs of scissors and a couple of mirrors, and since then I've been sneaking in there to snip at this bit and that, and here is the apprentice's shaggy product.
I'm giving myself an 8 and a half out of 10

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Why I might be down in the gym

Somehow, without much discussion over it, Dave and I have decided to take a longish vacation in the late summer.  Look at the photos here and you'll see one of the reasons why we're going to finish our trip in France, after time in Wales, southern England and Holland.

This time, we're going to arrange for apartments at three different places, renting a car locally, and spending about 10 days in each region. Dave and I have some same and some different interests, and this allows us to stay in the small towns we're choosing to live in, or to take a day or two and visit a number of places in the area together. For getting from one area to another, we're also counting on using rail (which we understand is quite pleasant) instead of having long drives from one country to another.

I've been having some pain in my legs, which I hope is due to the fact that I've been out walking much less than I usually do...I'm blaming that on the weather. I'm not fond of a treadmill, but in other years I've had some tolerance for the elliptical thing, so I'm telling myself that I'm going to start that tomorrow.  I hope I only tell myself once before I actually get on there, and going public is maybe a way to give me the push I need. I definitely want to be as comfortable walking around as I was the last time we traveled.

Anyway, I'm finding this plan important and exciting.