Friday, 3 April 2020

Did she leave a decent tip?

Here it is Friday.  Every two weeks, Friday evening has been the time that Robyn, nine, and Maddy, sevenish come with their mom for dinner and a sleepover.

After dinner, usually made by Dave and Emily, the girls would have a bath in our good-sized tub, and we would work out a drama about them, their careers in the food business and their newly-bought in-the-tub restaurant.  I would come in as their first diner, and they'd tell me how crazy it was in the kitchen but nevertheless, I, as a person who had (sigh!!) to work all over the world, would be given the best table and offered a glass of wine.  

At this point, I would tell them where I had been travelling for the last week, and what I had eaten there.  This was their clue to tell me about the special meal which consistently turned out to be an extraordinary take-on of what I would have eaten on my trip. While I was sipping away at my wine, the manager would come out to ask me if I were pleased, and to ensure me that no matter how well I would enjoy the 5 courses, I would be knocked-out by the dessert the maitre-chef would proudly, himself, bring to my table. 

Suddenly, there would be Emily, reminding the girls that they hadn't yet washed their hair and that it was time for bed.

Wouldn't it be great if this could happen tonight?  It will be again soon, I hope.


  1. Danica has her milestone 13th birthday coming up, but we and her mother won't be able to celebrate with her. Her stepmother is pretty good at stepping up, but I feel badly about this.

  2. Grandparents the world over are suffering withdrawal. Our littles live a 10-hr drive away so we are accustomed to the videocall method of checking in on them. It's a gift to grandparents everywhere. -Kate

  3. Your other half5 April 2020 at 01:46

    Had I known that you were travelling the globe and eating gourmet meals prepared and served by world famous chefs at 5 star restaurants I would have abandoned my secret service mission and flown my 007 jetpack to join you, at least for some of those special home-made desserts. Next time send me our secret code heads up and I'll do my best to join you. I'll be checking my Dick Tracy watch daily.

  4. Your other half5 April 2020 at 01:53

    And tell the chefs to light a bunch of candles in a big circle beside the restaurant pool so I'll know where to land. And no funny business like arranging the candles on a floaty board in the pool. Moneypenny won't be amused if we have to write off a jetpack being used on a personal leave day.

  5. Have you forgotten that I am also the treasurer of this exclusive group? I know that in the "me" we let other people see, I act thoughtless, but as you know the considerable amount of dollars connected to our secret work for the government, I put away every penny in support of Moneypenny's amazingly patriotic murders of people-not-useful destruction.

  6. Stubblejumpers Cafe5 April 2020 at 17:12

    Oh man, the love letters between you two should be a book! -Kate

  7. Kate, please accept your 5% if we ever go there.