Thursday, 2 April 2020

Thursday is not my favourite day

Some things I did today inside the house, as we're the kind of people who do what they're told:

  • decided that I would pass the day wearing my beautiful purpley-blue dress from Sri Lanka (thanks Asith) and found the right earrings for it
  • went through my large basket of nail polish, which I only use on my thumbs, due to a lack of commitment, and discovered I only had two colours I really liked 
  • grabbed a book that I've been eager to read, sat down with my coffee, read about 10 pages and realized I'd read it a couple of months ago (it was a really good book; no wonder I was keen)
  • browsed through the small recipe box, looking for something I felt like making; reminded myself I don't like to cook 
  • had a 45-minute phone call with my sister in Calgary; found things in Alberta are about the same as here
  • stood at the window, hoping to see a face that didn't look like Dave's, as much as I love him (feeling kind of shabby about this)
  • walked through the house 15 times, following a route that covers as much of our apartment as possible (from the front window, across our living room, dining area into the kitchen, turn out from the kitchen, into each bathroom and the front hall, into our bedroom and back out) missing nothing
  • took five minutes to congratulate myself
  • found a chocolate bar I'd forgotten about, put back the dish of chips and poured me a glass of wine
  • having realized I was kind of enjoying things, I immediately fixed that as I started sorting the clothes in the laundry box , hoping we still had some of the laundry strips I've fallen in love with
  • chocolate and wine are winning, not that I ever really believed something else might happen
Stay well!


  1. Seems like a pretty good day.
    We HAD to go out for cat food today, so we also spent a few minutes sitting by the river -- in the car because it was windy.

  2. "stood at the window, hoping to see a face that didn't look like Dave's, as much as I love him (feeling kind of shabby about this)"

    Ha ha, Lorna.
    What a perfect set of words from you, all of them.
    Too bad it takes semi-isolation to drag a blog entry out of you!
    Just teasing.
    What brand are these laundry strips of which you speak? They look great in ads on Instagram but I'm always leery until someone I know has tried.
    Windy here too. Since there have been cougar tracks in the yard, I only walked to the end of the driveway and even then, I was a bit nervous. On the way back the wind from the west was NAStay ... so I didn't feel too bad about coming in so soon.

  3. Lorna Cunningham-Rushton3 April 2020 at 01:52

    TruEarth eco-strips.Sorry, middlof the night. Dave and I have been watching "Manifest" on Netflix. It's a wonderful series. Stay well.

  4. TruEarth strips are by subscription so they send automatically every so often unless you cancel. They work fine but you should be able to find laundry strips at some of the larger grocery stores. They also work well but I don't remember the brand. Good luck.

  5. Wine is winning here too ... and there's nothing wrong with that :) Cheers!