Sunday, 21 May 2017

Being in France is Wonderful, and

there are a few things that we'll fondly remember as having been not so perfect.

  • the airport in Paris had us walking about as far as it would have taken to walk to the Champs Élysées, had we wanted to do that
  • we couldn't find a Timmie's at the airport but we've been amazed to see how many McDo's there are across the part of the country we've been in
  • we found that we were wrongly pronouncing the name of the city we were in.  Apt is pronounced Aupt not Apt
  • not liking a grubby Nissan rental car should not necessarily have led us to rent a BMW, but my it's a lovely, spoil-us-forever vehicle
  • I have a previously not-recognized fear of curvy winding mountain roads which are about as wide as a tourbus
  • We both fell in love with Nice, even though the room we were in had a seriously leaking shower and the make-it-yourself breakfast left a lot to desire  (but there were chocolate-filled croissants)
  • Fourteen years after working in both official languages, I find I don't really have a good hold on either of them
  • Annecy, where we are now, is a bit colder than I thought---duh, it's in the Alps
  • I brought five pairs of pants and have been wearing the same ones for a week, with washing in there somewhere because I unfortunately can't fit in some of the ones I brought---two pairs of jeans that were just dandy at home.
  • It's really hard to choose among the cheeses.
  • We only arranged for 10 days in Annecy where we have this lovely corner flat with a curve-around balcony
Enough whining.  Hope you're all having a wonderful long weekend.


  1. So ... you're in France AND driving a Beemer?!

  2. So ... you're in France and not visiting Corey Amaro?! - Kate

    1. Corey Amaro is in Paris where we will not be except to turn in our car and fly home. She's all right with that

  3. It still sounds wonderful!
    I remember only the good parts of France myself, though no doubt we had scrapes along the way, and I know we had to re-plan a few days on the fly. I do, however, seem to remember that the airport was a long, long walk (I think we took the train into Paris, so that may have contributed).